TORN the play and movie



Who is Willie Lynch?

Willie Lynch was a West Indies slave owner that came to the shores of the James River, Virginia in 1712 and delivered a speech and instructions on how to enslave the African. This particular brand of enslavement was to break the spirit and will of slaves to the point that they would submit to the white population and hate themselves. This intentional act of training to self hate and self degrade is a code that was embedded within the developing African American culture.

Today, African Americans still suffer the remnants of such training. The demoralization of the Willie Lynch letter still exists in many enclaves of the African American community. Willie Lynch’s letter guaranteed a minimum of 300 years of mental enslavement.
1712 + 300 = 2012

This is the year that Black Family United enacts a year-long “Reclaiming our Heritage” campaign. One of the efforts is the multimedia play + film “TORN”, which educates young generations about the effects of slavery on today’s people. The stage play takes place during the period of slavery (1619-1865), the film takes place in 2012. We exhibit certain taught values in 1712, and show how African Americans are still living with the same values today. TORN links direct correlations from slavery to today’s culture, as well as concluded with a powerful message of self-reliance and specific instructions of the needed cultural paradigm shift required to free ourselves from the 300 year grip of Willie Lynch. Join us and witness how we shall “Reclaim our Heritage”