Our mission is to insight personal and cultural change that perpetuates a positive paradigm shift within the African American community as it relates to the structure and function of the culture.

We accomplish our goals through the production of educational materials for the public, which not only create awareness of the sources of cultural customs but suggests actionable solutions to adversities within the African American culture.

The purpose of our educational material is to assist in the resolution of some of the challenges unique to, or exacerbated within the African American Community.  Our success is measured in statistics such as marriage, divorce, incarceration, high school and college graduation rates. We serve to be a catalyst to our mantra:  “Live The Change”

Our Quantifiable Goal is to reduce the gap (difference) between the total U.S. population’s rate and the African American rate in half by the year 2022.

By focusing on the population that is most underserved or inequitably affected, it is our understanding that the entirety of the U.S. population and popular culture will also benefit.  This benefit is not just the improvement of the average statistics, but real cultural enhancement in the lives of all Americans. We all are stake holders and no one is exempt or shielded from the rippling effects throughout this nation.

Our History: Founded in 1991 as Lean On Me Foundation to assist teenagers in life planning, we focused on preparing teen parents for success during challenging events.  Additionally, we provided tutoring, mentoring and counseling services to promote academic achievement and college admission.  In 2010 we changed our name and charter to Black Family United, a publishing company.

Our future: We are positioning ourselves to move towards counseling and encouraging healthy and collaborative family relationships in order to solidify our goals into an increasing percentage of American youth having primary examples of functional loving family experiences.

This WE, includes YOU.  Let’s work together for the betterment of us all for generations to come.

Live the Change